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Plant Derived Minerals to Support Healing

I always explain to people inquiring about The Body Code how their body is built to 'heal itself' and that the process of healing will be easier once The Body Code has been used to identify imbalances, remove blocked energies and release toxins.

Having learnt a little more about Plant Derived Minerals I can see there is an increasing understanding of how much benefit they can provide to someone wishing to be as healthy as possible.  They are a very different proposition to the large molecule metallic minerals due to the way plants assimilated the minerals.  This makes them fully bio-available and easily absorbed into the body. 

I'm intrigued and don't yet understand all the supporting information so I'd like to suggest that if you are interested too you take a look at this video and let your own mind guide you on from there. 

Energy healing can reduce pain, researchers discover

A form of energy healing that doesn’t involve the touching of the patient has been proven to be a very effective pain-reliever.

Non-contact therapeutic touch (NCTT) provided ‘significant’ pain relief to a group of 90 patients who were suffering chronic pain following surgery. 

One-third of the group was given NCTT, while the others had either a placebo therapy or nothing at all, in a study conducted by researchers from the University of Missouri.  

Around 73 per cent of the NCTT group reported a significant reduction in pain, had fewer requests for pain medication, and slept better at night, while those given the placebo therapy, or who had no treatment, reported an increase in their pain.

NCTT practitioners claim to channel life energy through their hands to patients in a four-phase process, which comprises centring, assessment, ‘unruffling’ the field, and intervention.

(Source: University of Missouri-Columbia, February 11, 2009.

Curses; An Explanation

Since qualifying as a Certified Body Code Practitioner I have worked with a few clients who, having initially experienced dramatic improvements in their issues, subsequently found their symptoms returning.  Until a couple of weeks ago this would prompt me to look for attached entities and if found, releasing them generally made a difference, but they weren’t always present so I still had this ‘sticking’ group.  The clients in this small group were willing to have “maintenance” sessions on a regular basis to alleviate their symptoms however, I felt I must be missing something.  Then I purchased the upgrade to v2 of The Body Code and the first session with one of these ‘sticking’ clients produced a revelation.  The Body Code took us to Curses!  The mindmap guided me through the process of releasing the client from the curse which had an intention of ‘stopping healing’ and the shift in energy and subsequent improvements have been dramatic. 

Sessions with other clients in this ‘sticking’ group have highlighted curses intended to adversely affect health, affect clients’ ability to have children, prevent success, and cause continuous pain.  Some of these curses have been placed by relatives or people known to the client.  However, I have also found a curse intended to prevent success from a person unknown to the client.  Then one of the clients who always felt as though they were ‘missing something’ had a curse placed by an entity which was intended to interfere with their relationship with God.  Having released this client from the curse their ‘missing something’ feeling has completely gone.

You will sense that I am finding a lot of curses but then I am also finding many toxins, misalignments and imbalances in areas not necessarily specifically covered or given equal prominence in v1. Therefore I feel comfortable that their appearance in a session is accurate and relevant.

Initially I have to admit to being slightly uncomfortable, almost apologetic when finding one or more curses.  Two things sorted this out for me – firstly I checked myself for imbalances that were the underlying cause of this feeling and secondly, the first two clients I found had curses then told me that someone previously had told them that they were cursed.  This left each of these clients with the knowledge they had a curse but without a remedy for the situation; thankfully, along comes v2 of The Body Code and finally they have been released.  One or two clients have however, not felt comfortable with the thought that they have a curse.  Having prayed for guidance on how to handle this I take the following approach which actually isn’t really any different than dealing with memories of emotions that show up for clearing;

- explain that it will have shown up in The Body Code because there is a curse and that we will establish the things we can find out about it (Origin, Reason and Physical Location) and the age the client was when the curse was made.

- then we discuss how this ties in with conscious memories of events

- check with the client what name for the Creator they are comfortable with being invoked for the release and then after a few moments of silent prayer to focus intention I perform the release.

The final aspect that I find needs a specific form of support is concerned with the thoughts that each client has expressed after the curse has been cleared which have had a tendency to range from “Why me? What had I done to deserve that?” through to a range of emotions stemming from thoughts about how different life would have been without the curse.  Two things have come from this.  Firstly we talk about how a curse can be made.  Intuition (confirmed in the past week by a discussion with a Shamanic Healer who has had specific instruction about curses) told me that it can be far easier than we might think to place a curse.  Imagine feeling very wronged by someone, or angry with them and the thoughts that (to our shame) might then arise in the heat of the moment.  If these thoughts are coupled with a strong intention (albeit momentary) to cause harm, prevent the object of our anger from successfully achieving something or experiencing something positive, then this is effectively a curse.  In an ideal world this would never happen and we would be aware of the harm we could inflict.  However, in this modern age where currently there is often no credence given to negative energy transference how are the uninformed meant to know?  The words “be careful what you wish for” suddenly take on a new significance!  Thankfully, each client I have had this discussion with has been able to relate to this explanation and it has eased their immediate angst.

We have had discussions about there being nothing to be gained from dwelling on the past with the important thing being to move forward in the knowledge that the curse(s) has been released and as clients’ subsequent sessions take place I am going to specifically look for imbalances that need clearing as a result of the knowledge/releasing of the curse.

What I am sure about is that however painful the knowledge of having had a curse may be, only good can come from being released from it and for this, once again, I thank Dr Brad and the team for including the ability to release curses in The Body Code System v2.

How Does The Body Code Differ From The Emotion Code?

TEC forms an essential component of TBC and is, without doubt, significant enough to use in its own right however, I am often asked by people who have read about, or even used TEC what it is that makes TBC so different.

Structured to allow identification of the body system that is imbalanced and the protocol is to track this back to the underlying energies that are the cause of the imbalance.  In addition to Trapped Emotions and Psychic Traumas that can be identified using the energies familiar to users of The Emotion Code there are a significant number of other that can cause imbalance.  Below I have listed the elements identified in The Body Code v2 that, in my experience, provide an “end point” (i.e. they often don’t have an underlying Trapped Emotion causing them).

Post Traumatic

  • Physical Trauma
  • Inflammation
  • Miasm


  • Cording
  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Saboteurs
  • Entities
  • Curses

Mental Energies

  • Memory Fields
  • Images
  • Despair Anchors
  • Broadcast messages
  • Will to Die
  • No Will to Live

Addictive Heart Energy

Allergies and Intolerances

Emotional Resonances


  • Excesses
  • The Six Pernicious Influences
  • Stress Hormones
  • Metabolic Waste
  • Free Radicals
  • Heavy Metals
  • Chemicals
  • Environmental
  • Recreational Drugs
  • Medical Drugs
  • Food Additives
  • Microbial
  • Dental
  • Prions
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum


  • Mould
  • Bacteria
  • Viral
  • Fungal
  • Parasites

Nutrition and Lifestyle

  • Colour deficiency
  • Deficiencies or excesses of Foods, Herbs or Nutrients
  • Physical and Spiritual Malnutrition

In addition to all of the energies listed above, there are comprehensive indicators for other physical and energy modalities which would be beneficial in supporting an individual’s needs thereby allowing their subconscious to map out the ideal requirements for healing.

If you are wondering why I haven’t included anything from the Circuits and Systems or Misalignments areas this is because the underlying cause of everything in these areas can be tracked back to either Trapped Emotions or one of the areas listed above.

In my practice I estimate that half of the imbalances I identify have Trapped Emotions as the underlying cause and the other half are from one of the areas listed above of which about half (i.e. 25% of all root causes) are from Toxicity.  Other practitioners may have different experiences and I believe this is because we all attract clients who in some way resonate with us so perhaps my analysis reflects my own vibrations.

I am not, in any way, belittling the power of The Emotion Code; nothing else is needed to clear Heart-Walls and, before I trained in The Body Code, the people and animals I did Emotion Code sessions with saw dramatic improvements in physical and emotional pain.  If they remained pain-free then ‘job done’.  For those however, that found their symptoms returning, being able to offer The Body Code as the next step has allowed significantly greater chances to clear a far wider range of imbalances.  Could I have done any of this without the foundation knowledge provided from The Emotion Code training?  Absolutely not.  However, ask me whether I feel I have gained from my investment of both money and time in The Body Code System and my answer is a resounding ‘YES’.

END NOTE: I hope this article encourages some readers to take the decision to get The Body Code, a few weeks ago Dr Brad announced that the 100th Body Code practitioner had just been certified.  That’s 100 across the whole Globe which sounds less than the proverbial ‘drop in the ocean’ to me.  If 100 practitioners are working with 7 clients a day for 48 weeks in a year that is only 168,000 client sessions a year and perhaps something like 15,000 clients.  Out of a global population of around 7 billion we have a way to go to reach out to everyone! By the way, I am not on Healers Library staff and gain nothing financially from making these statements.  They come from my desire to allow the world to heal, one person at a time!


What would the world be like if all the Leaders of the World had their Heart-Walls cleared?

When speaking to people about The Emotion Code (TEC), The Body Code (TBC) and particularly when I explain about Heart-Walls, we often end up discussing whether public figures and world leaders that abuse their powers have Heart-Walls.  I am sure that in the majority of cases the answer is “yes”.  The signs we recognise that indicate the presence of a Heart-Wall to our conscious minds include:

  •          People acting in ways that show they are not affected by emotions, particularly those that would deeply affect most of us.
  •          People that continually defend actions which, if we think about it, indicate they feel threatened.
  •          People that we perceive are isolated and do not appear to be surrounded by others offering them love.
  •          People that we just “do not understand” – their Heart-Walls block us from understanding them just as much as they block that person from understanding the rest of the World.

So if these are the signs, what would these people be like if they had their Heart-Walls cleared?

  •          Their ability to feel emotions could lead them to reconsider some of their actions and take a different approach.
  •          The removal of feeling threatened could remove the need to continually attack others.
  •          Being open to receiving love could fill immense empty voids in their lives.
  •          Greater mutual understanding can only lead to better and more acceptable outcomes when issues are debated.

However, although some healing modalities advocate sending healing to people so that their Higher Interest can decide whether to accept it or not this is not what I am suggesting for TEC or TBC practitioners.  Tempting as it may be, it is NOT okay to use The Emotion Code or The Body Code on anyone without their permission or, in the case of young children or those unable to communicate, without the permission of their next-of-kin. Dr Nelson, quite rightly, likens any actions in this respect to being the equivalent of practicing medicine without a licence. I believe we have a very special gift in our hands that needs to be used with care and the highest integrity and we should not abuse the power that TEC or TBC bring to us.

There is one apparent exception to the above statement which is that when we clear inherited emotions they clear from all spirits in the ancestral lineage whether living or dead, so could (and indeed have in my experience) produce dramatic changes for parents and children of our clients. When this has happened with my clients’ relatives they have been able to explain the relevant part of their sessions and/or refer the affected relatives to me for an explanation.

I know that a lot of people speak about "Higher Interest" but my question to you is would you want someone using an energy healing modality on you without your permission and without you having any knowledge of their level of expertise or intention? Additionally, would you want someone working on you who had no knowledge of your health/emotional challenges and any current healing you could be receiving? I certainly wouldn't.

This doesn’t stop us sending thoughts/prayers of peace and love out to the individuals that cause such concern by their abusive actions and I feel comfortable with the thought that we can add intention to suggest they look for help and find that there are things called Heart-Walls that can allow significant changes when they are cleared. However, that is where the line must be drawn and frustrating as it may be, only ever use The Emotion Code or The Body Code on those that ask for us to do so.

I can do no better than conclude by quoting Dr Nelson although I have taken the liberty of adding clarification to the end of the first sentence.

The only way we can change this world and bring it to a higher level of civilization is through changing the inhabitants of this earth, one at a time when they directly approach us and ask for help. By helping people to shed their emotional baggage, we transform them back into the pure spirits that they should be, and they become empowered to become who God intended them to become; their pains and phobias, their addictions and self-defeating behaviors fall away, and the pure essence of each individual shines forth from each heart, filling the immensity of space. This is how the world will change; and I guarantee you, it will, one person at a time. I hope you will join me and become a part of this work, whose destiny is to help transform this earth to a higher plane of existence, one life at a time!”

How to heal after a tragedy

Sadly, a large number of people have been affected by tragedy at some point in their lives. This may be a disastrous event, especially one involving distressing loss or injury to life ( or a shocking or sad event (Collins English Dictionary); either way some, perhaps many, find themselves so deeply affected that their daily lives become compromised.  Some find they have the ability to survive the stages of grief and having worked through the natural processes, slowly feel better.  Others find they get stuck in one of the stages and although they may be self-aware enough to realise that they now feel angry all the time, or can’t stop crying for the majority of the time, they just can’t get beyond that.  Then there is another group who end up being so traumatised that they get PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

I find myself having to apply strong self-control when people I’m with speak about their aches and pains, stresses, sleeping problems etc., to stop myself continually saying “The Body Code can help you with that” because I recognise that I could be sounding like a broken record.  However, if you or someone you know has been affected by tragedy I make no apologies for shouting out now “THE BODY CODE CAN HELP”.  You may have views on which of the three groups I described above can be helped.  In my experience anyone who is affected by tragedy can be helped to heal.

I had a client who called me for the first time when she’d been incapable of holding a conversation with anyone without bursting into tears for several days after experiencing a tragedy.  I did one Body Code session with her focussed on clearing the underlying emotions / energies causing her crying and this allowed her, from that point forward, to speak without breaking down and during the following three sessions her healing progress was amazing to experience.

With many others, particularly those who experienced a tragedy many years ago, it has simply been a matter of asking their subconscious for emotions / energies trapped as a result of that tragedy.  Releasing these has produced dramatic changes to their physical and emotional health.

Some find the idea of hearing what emotions are being released too painful to contemplate and for them, the ability to book a remote session and have the summary emailed across afterwards for them to tuck away and then read at some later point if they want to, is a wonderful bonus of working with The Emotion Code or The Body Code.

One client was so angry (with people, with the world, with inanimate objects, in fact with everything) as a result of the tragedy that affected her that I am amazed she managed to calm down enough to speak with me.  Once again, clearing emotions and energies resulting from the tragedy and those that were the underlying cause of the anger she was experiencing allowed the anger to dissipate and for her to feel she could then contemplate life with a completely different mind-set.  When we first spoke she didn’t feel she was ill she “was just angry” however, once we cleared the anger she spoke about how she felt “healed”.  I believe that says it all!

How to recognise processing symptoms

Everyone using The Emotion Code or The Body Code will have encountered “Processing time”.  It is the phase our bodies go through once we have cleared trapped emotions or other energies.  However, I wonder whether it is a phrase we use without actually having a good understanding of what we are likely to see or feel when processing is taking place. 

Let’s start with the scenario where you are working on yourself.  You prepare yourself for the session, quieten your conscious mind and let your subconscious know you are communicating with it, check that you have God’s guidance and find your first trapped emotion / energy.  You clear this successfully; think “great now for the next one” and then find that you are getting strange inconsistent answers from your muscle testing and a slight feeling of disconnection.  A degree of frustration and possibly even irritation arise at this point and you may even think “this is useless, I can’t even do this for myself, how can I ever do it with other people?”  The answer is that you are processing the first energy you released.  One of the first signs of processing is that the body can’t give you answers.  Give yourself a couple of minutes, take a sip of water, muscle test “is there another trapped emotion I can clear now?” and carry on with the next one if the answer is “Yes”.  In my experience, at least 90% of the questions I receive about difficulties muscle testing when working on oneself are due to trying to proceed when the body has gone into processing. By the way, if the answer to “is there another trapped emotion I can clear now?” is “No”, accept it.  You can muscle test to get an idea of how long the processing is going to take and come back to your session once that period is over.

Sometimes this first sign doesn’t occur until somewhere between 5 and 8 emotions or energies have been cleared.  When you can’t get a clear answer take this as a sign of processing the clearances “in bulk” and draw the session to a close.

The second scenario is where you are working with another person who is present with you either in person or over the phone.  They may be a person who starts processing as soon as each emotion/energy is cleared so slowing the pace and allowing a couple of minutes between each clearance will normally allow you to do 5 to 8 clearances in a session.  However, if you find you are getting confusing responses at an earlier point consider that you may need to stop the session and resume when muscle testing indicates the client will  be ready for more.  If your client tends to process clearances as a batch be mindful of the first sign of processing once you are beyond 5 clearances.

In the third scenario you are working completely remotely.  There isn’t any conversation to slow you down and you move quickly from one clearance to the next.  It is very easy in this situation to be working so quickly that the client goes into processing after 2 or 3 clearances.  Therefore, work at a slightly slower pace and you should be able to clear the desired 5 to 8 emotions / energies.

Why is this first sign so important?  In my experience it is essential to recognise that someone is processing and take that as a STOP sign for the session.  There are a number of other symptoms of processing which I will explain now.  They follow on from the first one and they will be amplified if you overload the body with clearances to process.

Tiredness or extreme fatigue is a common symptom of processing.  The body is so busy rearranging energy and renewing communications with previously blocked areas that it sometimes leaves a client feeling that they have no option other than to sit down and rest.  Many people report that they’ve fallen asleep even if this is something they never normally do during the day.  It seems to just happen at this “full stop” intensity once although some clients can feel they are lacking in energy for a couple of days after a session.

Hangover type feelings ranging from headaches through to feeling heavy and “muggy” are common particularly in clients who are unable to follow the advice to sip water frequently during their waking hours whilst processing.  The symptoms we normally describe as a hangover are, for the most part, just as attributable to dehydration caused by excess intake of alcohol as they are directly the result of eliminating the toxins from the alcohol.  Therefore the same symptoms become evident when our cells need water to stay hydrated whilst processing.

Echoes of the emotions released can be experienced giving the client an emotional roller-coaster ride whilst processing is happening.  Each emotion cleared can recur (normally only once) for a couple of hours and it can be very intense.  Once clients get used to this they can view this symptom as a positive expression of things about to change.

Worsening of physical symptoms that were addressed by the session can also occur.  Many clients report that symptoms got worse before disappearing.  “I had a rough couple of days following the last session, but it is much better now” is very common feedback.

Bearing all of the above in mind I am sure you can appreciate how important it is to understand the symptoms of processing.  In some modalities this is called a Healing Crisis however, for me this doesn’t convey the right image; it isn't a crisis, it is just processing whilst the body adjusts and starts to heal.  I’d like to add one final piece of advice.  Processing symptoms are often stronger when too much has been cleared in a session.  It may be possible to push the boundaries of a session by waiting 5 minutes and then trying again, however is it worth it?  Take heed of the first sign of processing particularly if you have already cleared more than 5 emotions or energies and your clients will hopefully find their processing symptoms to be tolerable.

Is it all in the mind?

I often find myself speaking to people who have seen dramatic changes in a friend or relative following the Body Code sessions that they have had with me. When I ask the friend how much they know about The Emotion Code or The Body Code their first response is generally along the lines of “I know you find emotions from the past and then do something to make a person feel better…” This is often followed by “… but I don’t know if you can help me because there is nothing wrong with my mind it is just that I’ve got IBS/low back pain/palpitations that the doctor can’t find a cause for… and my friend said I needed to speak with you!”

I have found myself pondering why nearly everyone states “nothing wrong with my mind” and believe that this stems from a misunderstanding about emotions which has arisen during the past 70 years or so as Western Medicine has evolved, leaving most people with the belief that body parts need to be treated with drugs, replaced or, in extreme cases, removed to be “made better”.  I thought it might help if I shared these reflections. I believe this commonly held view comes from the belief that emotions stem exclusively from the mind.  Although, if we look at the language we use in everyday conversation we can discover a different understanding; one where emotions are linked to the vital organs of our body.  Some of the following phrases may sound old fashioned because recent generations have moved away from the roots that gave rise to them however, I’d ask you to wonder why they came about in the first place.

  • “He’s liverish today” – meaning he’s irritable, angry or bad tempered
  • “Bowed down by grief” – describing the physical feelings of being bent over by grief
  • “Butterflies in the stomach” – describing the feelings of nervousness

A clue to the origin of these phrases can be found in Five Element Acupuncture which is based on traditional concepts evolved from observations made over the course of some 2000 years and identifies 5 key emotions linked to organs;

  • Anger -> Liver & Gall Bladder,
  • Joy (Overjoy) -> Heart & Pericardium,
  • Worry (or Sympathy) -> Spleen & Stomach,
  • Grief -> Lung & Large Intestine,
  • Fear -> Kidneys & Bladder

Does this mean an emotion affects the organ or is generated by the organ?  To be honest I’m not sure however, many traditional healing modalities work with the same links.  There are many more examples, if you start looking for them you will see they crop up everywhere.  For example; “Heart skips a beat” – joy / excitement, “A galling experience” – frustration / anger, “Venting his spleen” – anger (again!), “Difficult to stomach / swallow” – disgust. If you venture outside of the English language I am told that there are examples in many languages which relate similar emotions to the same organs.  Why is this?  It has come from observation of how people look physically when in the grip of an intense emotion and how they describe the way they feel.

To get back to my original point; do any of these mention the mind?  No.  Don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying that the mind doesn’t play a part in emotional responses however, I do believe that our organs play a major part too.

So, how might The Body Code help?  Well, think of what happens when you have to walk a few hundred yards with a stone in your shoe.  Initially it is uncomfortable, then the stone might shift a bit as you shake your foot, then it settles and starts to bruise your foot or dig into it creating a cut or blister.  Eventually you are able to stop and shake the stone out of your shoe.  Instantly you feel relief from the pain although there may be some damage that your body will heal over the course of the next few days.  Consider then that emotions are balls of energy vibrating at specific frequencies (the equivalent of the stone in my analogy).  They may get trapped in, or close to, the organ they are linked to or they may migrate from that organ to another part of the body.  Either way, at a basic energy level, they are tangible just as the stone in your shoe is tangible and they have the potential to damage the area they are lodged in.  The Body Code uses kinesiology based muscle testing to identify these clumps and twists of energy and help release them so that the surrounding body tissues can heal. 

In summary, if a client has low back pain is their pain “in the mind”?  No, it is in their lower back.  Are the emotions or energy that are causing the pain “in the mind”?  No, they are quite likely to be in the kidneys, bladder or lumber muscles.  So, to return to my opening paragraph, is The Body Code only able to help people who think they have something wrong with their mind?  No, it is intended to help people who are suffering or restricted in some form or another by releasing trapped emotions and other energies.  Are emotions just something in the mind? Well I certainly believe that emotions are linked to vital organs throughout the body and I hope this article has helped to explain why.

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