The webinars show The Body Code System in action as well as explaining how the system came about. Also included are other files for you to download if you are interested in expanding your understanding of how emotions and states-of-mind can affect your health. 


Eliminate the 6 Underlying Causes of All Disease


Learn how to address the 6 underlying causes of disease and experience optimal health! Watch as Dr. Nelson uncovers the 6 imbalances that cause pain and disease and learn what you can do to quickly correct them.

Get Rid of Your Back Pain For Good!


In this webinar you will hear Dr Bradley Nelson's views on the causes of chronic and acute lower back pain.  Dr Nelson is a chiropractor as well as being the developer of The Body Code so his opinions and advice are well founded.


Overcome Depression with The Emotion Code


Depression can be a monster, but you have all the power you need to defeat it when you know how to use The Emotion Code! Here are some of the topics discussed: What truly causes depression (it's not deficiency in Prozac!). The Heart-Wall: How it literally blocks out love and joy. Plus: How to break the daily cycle of sadness and melancholy.


Resolving Knee Pain and Neck Pain


Watch and listen while people just like you find relief for long standing for their Knee and Neck pain with The Body Code.  It simply transformed their life.




This article is written by one of my fellow Body Code practitioners, Russell Williams and clearly sets out the complexities of Forgiveness.    Download