Iyashi to heal, balance body, mind and spirit

Innovative Ionizing Technologies (IIT) produce a range of products under their Iyashi brand for those wanting effective healing devices.

I use their Zero Point Energy device (Iyashi Wand) to intensify Intention when doing Body Code work and to directly work on myself and family as and when required.  It is a broad spectrum device that I wouldn't wish to be without.

Iyashi Pendants - pick a pendant personalised with the energy pattern you need to help your life. 
Iyashi Bracelets - one of the new generation of ionic scalar bracelets.  Having high ionic output, infused with a full spectrum of frequencies and coming in your favourite colours these bracelets are made to help everyone.
Shieldite - the ultimate protection from harmful Electo-magnetic Fields.  Today it is almost impossible to escape EMFs which have been proven to lead to fatigue and health problems.  Shieldite transmutes the harmful EMFs rendering them harmless.
Iyashi Wand - the original, authentic zero point energy wand which is the first all purpose healing tool. Take Control of your health and well being in your own hands. From reducing pain, increasing energy, detoxifying your body to improving sleep the Iyashi Wand will allow you to restore balance to your body.